Terms and Conditions(shipping, refund, cancellation)

Upon completion of the cost estimation service, the estimation document will be expeditiously dispatched via email to the address provided by the customer. It is important to note that all documents are delivered electronically, and there are no physical shipments involved in this process. Our primary objective is to ensure the prompt and secure delivery of the cost estimation document directly to our customers, thereby eliminating any potential delays or inconveniences associated with conventional shipping methods.

Refund and Cancellation
Regrettably, we must inform our customers that once the requirements for the cost estimation service have been submitted, we are unable to entertain any requests for refunds or cancellations. We kindly urge our customers to meticulously review and finalize their requirements prior to initiating the cost estimation service. This policy is diligently upheld to uphold the integrity and efficiency of our services, and to furnish our customers with a seamless and dependable experience.

These terms and conditions have been meticulously formulated to uphold the efficiency and precision of our services. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation in accordance with these policies. Thank you for selecting our cost estimation service.